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The year is 1942… David Cohen just founded Daycon, a company built on three key principles: dedication to personalized service, respect for one another, and a responsibility to creating a cleaner, brighter tomorrow. Fast-forward nearly 80 years, and it’s those same grounding principles that keep us humble and guide us in everything that we do.

Though our company history goes back many memorable generations, we prefer to look ahead to an even brighter future. This forward-thinking is what unites us in our mission to deliver the highest-quality cleaning products and janitorial supply solutions possible. Because that’s what our customers and partners deserve.

You may think our dedication to delivering the products and solutions you deserve is what sets us apart, but it’s not… Our greatest value lies in our ability to solve problems before they arise (a true reflection of our future-oriented team). To those who know us best, this added value is irreplaceable. To us, it’s just the Daycon way.

No matter what, we aim to project positivity, simplicity, and growth. We don’t just help our partners clean better, we proactively create solutions that make their days (and taking care of business) easier than ever. Our personalized service, ongoing commitment to safety, and strong company values are reflected in everything we do— from managing inventory to training teams.

This is why we get up every day. This is what we know. This is where we shine.

Now, we’re challenging you to shine brighter, too! With Daycon by your side, cleaning will never be dull again.

Daycon is proudly part of BradyPLUS. Offering tailored solutions for JanSan, Foodservice, and Industrial Packaging—providing SUPPLIES + SUPPORT for your daily business success.

Our Vision

To create a future in which you and your crew clean better, live easier, and shine brighter.
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