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Through personalized facility programs and high-performance products, we don’t just help our partners clean better— we proactively create solutions that make their days (and taking care of business) easier than ever.

Our 75-year reputation was built on being a dedicated partner to our customers, and we promise to project that dedication in everything we do.

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The Mercain Group (formerly the Building Wellness Institute) is proud to present the first certification program for INDIVIDUAL cleaning service personnel! ... Not only are students taught how to clean surfaces and spaces effectively while providing a clean appearance, they are taught how to do so professionally and sustainably to provide safer and healthier indoor and outdoor environments!


Improve Your Facilities with our Efficient Packaging Solutions

Even as the market shifts, your need for accessible, high-quality solutions won’t… We’re here to help with that. We’re proud to offer a range of packaging and supply solutions that help optimize productivity and keep your business sustainable long-term.

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Welcome Back, Team! Preparing for the Reopen of Your Building...

Facility and building managers may be ready for teams to fully return to office but are they really ready? Here’s a few ideas to make the return to office experience better for your team.

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Creating a Recycling Program in the Workplace

Is your company brainstorming new positive changes to make in the upcoming year? What about a recycling program? Recycling programs are a great and easy way to involve everyone at your company in making better use of their waste instead of throwing all of it in the garbage and adding to your local landfills and, eventually, oceans.

Creating a Recycling Program in the Workplace

Standard Operating Procedure in Exposed Spaces

Now, more than ever, the importance of safe and effective operating procedures is paramount. Daycon has created a standard operating procedure that will help your teams.

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Disinfecting with Daycon

With the cases of COVID-19 continuing to rise and flu season approaching, we’re reminded of just how important proper disinfection for virus prevention is. Below is our recommended technique for effective disinfecting, which ensures a safe environment for both your building’s visitors and your team of employees.

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