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Does your crew or building occupants have the products needed to operate safely? In trying times and good times alike, it’s important to pause and evaluate your supply so you never run out of the essentials they count on. 

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Through personalized facility programs and high-performance products, we don’t just help our partners clean better— we proactively create solutions that make their days (and taking care of business) easier than ever.

Our 75-year reputation was built on being a dedicated partner to our customers, and we promise to project that dedication in everything we do.

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Getting back to work and life, safely.

How you maintain your facility today determines the health of your business tomorrow. With proper disinfection and effective cleaning processes being a focal point for overcoming COVID-19, we’ll get you back to business with the products, customized facility solutions, and communications tools and resources you need to stay safe and operate better than before.

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Standard Operating Procedure in Exposed Spaces

Now, more than ever, the importance of safe and effective operating procedures is paramount. Daycon has created a standard operating procedure that will help your teams.

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Essentials Checklist

Do you have the PPE you and your team need to operate safely? In trying times and good times alike, it’s important to pause and evaluate your supply so you never run out of the essentials your team is counting on. Use the checklist below to make sure you have everything you need!

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Disinfecting with Daycon

With the cases of COVID-19 continuing to rise and flu season approaching, we’re reminded of just how important proper disinfection for virus prevention is. Below is our recommended technique for effective disinfecting, which ensures a safe environment for both your building’s visitors and your team of employees.

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Get To Know Daycon's Disinfectants

Keeping your facility and its occupants safe has always been a top priority at Daycon and the Coronavirus only pushed us further in that truth. Disinfecting has always been a crucial part of the cleaning process but we realize may have also been a step overlooked prior to COVID-19 that now cannot afford to be overlooked.

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