After decades of serving the multi-family housing industry, Daycon understands that proactive maintenance supplies, fully-stocked shops, and ongoing consultation is key to better business and profitable properties. That’s where OnSite Properties comes in.

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Your One-Stop Shop for Brighter Business

Business runs smoothly and profits rise steadily when you have a reliable inventory management partner. No matter what your residential properties need, our facility maintenance experts are ready to provide it in advance.

Simplify & Save 15%*

*Average annual savings for product and labor combined.

Guaranteed to save you time and money.

Messy supply closets leading to missing inventory? Mislabeled or untracked invoices taking valuable time out of your crew’s work days? With OnSite Properties, time-consuming tasks like product sourcing and managing invoices are made easier for guaranteed savings, optimal supply levels, and all-around brighter days. Simplify & Save 15%*.

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Your personalized OnSite experience.

From shop conditions and product selection to purchasing and apartment turnover processes, our OnSite Properties field service representatives look at every area of your business. Then, we’ll get to work on improving efficiency and optimizing your supply levels — so you can start seeing savings right away.

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*Average annual savings for product and labor combined.

Reduce your
total costs.

Unorganized inventory can lead to overstocking and understocking that wastes valuable money. Ensure your crew has only the products they need, when they need them and enjoy guaranteed cost savings, across all properties, as a result.

Enhance crew productivity.

OnSite Properties’ process enhancements and custom skills training makes managing properties a seamless, efficient process for you and your crews. See the difference for yourself by accessing personalized program reports through our MyDaycon portal.

Improve resident satisfaction.

While you save on labor and supply costs, OnSite Properties helps ensure your residents are happy long-term. With our proactive program covering your shops, your crews will have more time to serve residents and retain satisfaction.

Tools & Materials
Plumbing & HVAC
Lighting & Electrical
Counters & Countertops
Building Supplies

When you’re ready, OnSite Properties will be here to help you…

  • Increase net operating income
  • Decrease resident turnover
  • Earn & save more of your profits
We follow a simple but proven formula for success

Reliable supply + personalized consulting = guaranteed cost savings. Instead of selling you services you don’t need, we’ll reduce your spend, ensuring you have nothing less and nothing more than what you need, when you need it.

Calculate your savings by scheduling your complimentary property assessment.

Have questions about what OnSite Properties can do for you? Brighter facilities and guaranteed savings are only one call away. Fill out the form below or call us at (800) 394-0019 to learn more today!

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