For over 20 years, Daycon’s vendor managed inventory program, OnSite Facilities, has helped directors and managers in schools, hospitals, offices, and a wide range of other facilities reduce and control operational costs. From purchasing reliable products to reducing waste, OnSite Facilities is your one-stop solution for everything you need to shine.

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Your One-Stop Shop for Simplifying and Saving

Over 1,700 locations are actively saving right now. Join the growing number of leading universities, hospitals, and other OnSite Facilities partners who are simplifying and saving up to 20% on total operational costs.

Simplify & Save 20%*

*Average annual savings on total operational costs.

Comprehensive Facility Audit.

First, we’ll look at your inventory and maintenance requirements, ordering and payment processes, warehouse and storage areas, product movement costs, and more. We’re so confident our audit will save you money that we guarantee $500 in credits toward Daycon cleaning essentials if it doesn’t!

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Personalized Program.

Next, we’ll create an actionable timeline for implementing efficiency-based improvements specific to your facilities. We’ll help you achieve goals like: increased productivity, reduced supply, lower operational costs, enhanced safety, improved sustainability compliance, and more!

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Maintenance & Reporting.

With OnSite Facilities, receive ongoing maintenance supply management, personalized reports, and proactive service 365 days/year. By freeing you and your crews from repetitive janitorial supply responsibilities, you’ll have more time to focus on what you do best.

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Reduce total costs.

Lower your costs by up to 20% when you partner with OnSite Facilities to simplify your supply. Watch as your operational efficiency increases, while your SKUs and labor costs decrease for maximum savings.

Lower product waste.

Avoid overstocking caused by auto-shipments or unorganized shelves. After an initial audit of your facility, our hands-on digital barcode system ensures you always have exactly what you need to reduce waste.

Improve daily operations.

Help your staff locate products easier and faster with ongoing janitorial supply optimization. Need to check on an order or your savings along the way? Access all that and more with on-demand reporting through your MyDaycon portal.

Maintain sustainability.

Improve your facility’s environmental footprint with eco-friendly products, green certification guidance, sustainability reporting, and more—all through your personalized OnSite Facilities program.

Ongoing training.

Receive ongoing training for your crews and continued consultation with OnSite Facilities. Ensure correct product usage, improve safety, and get expert guidance on everything from efficiency to general Q&A’s.

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When you’re ready, OnSite Facilities will be here to help you…

  • Optimal supply levels year-round
  • Smart inventory management processes
  • Facility maintenance cost & time savings
  • Training support & safety resources
Helping businesses shine with janitorial supply management.

Helping businesses shine with janitorial supply management solutions like OnSite Facilities is what we do best. Our personalized service, ongoing commitment to safety, and strong company values are reflected in everything we do—from improving processes to training teams. That’s just the Daycon way.

Simplify & Save 20%

Have questions about how OnSite Facilities guarantees savings? Find out firsthand when you fill out the form below or call (800) 394-0019 to schedule your complimentary facility audit.

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