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With the cases of COVID-19 continuing to rise and flu season approaching, we’re reminded of just how important proper disinfection for virus prevention is. Below is our recommended technique for effective disinfecting, which ensures a safe environment for both your building’s visitors and your team of employees. 

What You’ll Need
Approved Disposable Gloves
Proper Eyewear
Approved Mask
EPA-registered Disinfectant
“Caution” Signage
Green Microfiber Cloth*
Yellow Microfiber Cloth*
Red Microfiber Cloth*

All of these items are available through Daycon
*Color depends on space type being cleaned


Preparation before executing is key and ensure the job will be done correctly and in a timely manner. To prepare for disinfecting:

Have all tools and chemicals prepared and ready to use (i.e. if you need to dilute your solution, this is the time to do so)

If you have to dilute your chemicals, this is the time to do so. When it comes time to choose your microfiber cloth, here’s a breakdown to help you make the best selection.

  • GREEN microfiber – used when disinfecting space types outside of a restroom
  • RED microfiber – used when disinfecting within a restroom, high risk areas such as within a stall or a urinal
  • YELLOW microfiber – used when disinfecting within a restroom, low to medium risk areas such as trash receptacles or countertops
Always wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE)

This includes proper gloves, eyewear, and an approved mask.

Make sure that all necessary precautions and communications have been made.

For example, having approval to be in an area, announcing your presence as you would when entering a restroom, and setting up your “CLOSED FOR CLEANING” or “CAUTION” signage.It’s important to close the area off with proper signage, this is for the safety of occupants and to ensure the disinfectant is undisturbed during its dwell time.

Make sure that any surface to be disinfected is first pre-cleaned.

Proper general cleaning procedures for various space types will be discussed in future posts.

Now that you have properly prepared, let’s get into disinfecting!

Prior to beginning, remember to have your PPE on and your materials ready to go.

Apply disinfectant to prepared area liberally.

Make sure that anytime you are using any chemical from a spray bottle, that it is appropriately labeled with an OSHA compliant sticker.

Once the surface is covered with disinfectant, allow to sit for appropriate dwell time. After dwell time is complete, simply wipe the surface thoroughly with the microfiber cloth.

Dwell times range by brand and product but, most often, the dwell time is 10 minutes for full efficacy.

NOTE: If you are using a neutral disinfectant, you are now done with disinfecting. If you have chosen a non-neutral disinfectant, an additional wipe down with a water dampened microfiber cloth may be necessary.

Once the area has been cleaned and dried, you can now safely remove signage and exit the space.

Return all tools and chemicals to the appropriate place on your cart, barrel or carrier.


Once disinfecting of the space has been completed, remember to then disinfect your microfiber cloth. This can be done by submerging the cloth into a bucket of clean disinfectant. Upon completion of work, your microfiber cloths will then be ready to launder or hand clean.

Now that you understand how to properly disinfect, click the images below to inquire about Daycon products that can assist your team when disinfecting your space.

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