PPE Sales: A Look from 60 Minutes

by Howard Cohen, Daycon, CEO

Inside the wild world of PPE sales. Perhaps many of you watched this segment on 60 Minutes last week and wondered in disbelief, “Just how could this have happened?  “How could so many smart people have been caught off guard?  How could the supply chain have broken down so badly?”

What we have experienced in the past 9 months in the supply chain of PPE can be described as nothing less than “the Wild West”.  Daycon has spent uncountable hours during this time to come through for our clients with critical PPE through sheer grit and determination.  We have seen “distributors” and “brokers” pop up out of nowhere claiming to be PPE experts taking massive deposits (in the millions) from unsuspecting clients only to have those monies either become held up in litigation or disappear altogether.

We have seen shipments of gloves sent to port only to be pulled back by the company with trumped up excuses when in reality another firm or broker outbid us after we’d paid for the merchandise, we’ve seen our trucks and inspectors locked out of a warehouse when we had a scheduled date to pick up multiple containers, again with a falsified excuse but the reality was it was sold to another at the last minute for more money.  We’ve been “outbid” with cargo companies in China leaving our merchandise in a warehouse for weeks because someone offered a higher rate per kilo to ship.

We have seen product packaged in legitimate boxes, paid for and, upon inspection found out to be fraudulent.  We have seen gloves when inspected by our teams in Asia, does not match the sample we were sent, we have seen product with paperwork for the wrong batch number.  All bad actors around the globe trying to take advantage of a worldwide health crisis.  It could be remarkably debilitating if allowed it to be. 

After so very many months of these types of disappointments, there have been many cases indeed where we have come through and delivered to our key clients and we have now established a consistent, legitimate supply chain that has helped us not only help our clients, but help sustain our business.  We will not stop our efforts as long as our clients are in need.  That’s what we stand for at Daycon.

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