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We have all spent the last year or so being reminded of the importance of handwashing to keep us healthy, but less talked about is the importance of how you’re drying your hands. Think about it… you’ve likely been in a public restroom that had only a hand dryer, no paper towels in sight. Did you use the hand dryer, opt for the “dry hands on pants” method, or walk out with wet hands? All plausible options in the heat of the paper towel-less moment. Many buildings introduced hand dryers to their restrooms to reduce the need for paper towels, as well as save time on labor.

Hand Dryers are designed to help the environment by removing the need for paper towels and theoretically reduce the spread of germs. Unfortunately, while they do reduce the use of paper towels, it’s been proven that they spread more bacteria than they reduce. Researchers at the University of Connecticut and Quinnipiac University found (read more here) that typical hand dryers installed in public restrooms tend to suck up the bacteria from poorly-washed hands and dump the bacteria back out onto others’ wet hands. “We often say that handwashing is the key to preventing the spread of illness. But wet hands increase the risk of transmitting bacteria, so drying is an equally important step in prevention” says urgent care specialist Dr. Theresa Lash-Ritter.

Gross (we know!) but don’t fret, this can be avoided by swapping your bathroom’s hand dryers for paper towels as when it comes to removing bacteria, paper towels are more effective than standard hand dryers. In the focus of hygiene and handwashing during the ongoing pandemic, paper towels continued to outshine restroom hand dryers. When it came to Covid-19 and the study of how to reduce spread, paper towels remained more effective for removing microbes when drying poorly washed hands and, consequently, reducing the spread of the virus and other bacteria. To take that a step further, touch-free paper towel dispensers are even better as they completely reduce the need for touch when drying hands, creating a safer and more sanitary restroom experience for your patrons.

Below are touch-free dispensers that will make for a great install in your building’s restrooms.

Tork Matic® Hand Towel Roll Dispenser

  • One-at-a-time dispensing for reduced consumption and increased hygiene
  • Easy maintenance with LED refill indicator that shows when a new refill is close to being needed
  • Adjustable towel length allows you to select the towel size that’s right for your business

Daycon Sku #309608

Tork Elevation® PeakServe™ Hand Towel

  • Top up with hand towels when it suits you. More flexibility means more time to clean
  • Compression means 250% more hand towels, preventing unexpected run outs
  • Towels served in 3 seconds for a better washroom flow with no hold ups for guests
  • Continuous hand towel system making taking a towel smooth and easy

Daycon Sku #411220

For more touch-free restroom items, including faucets, soap dispensers, and more, check our list of current favorites here.

If you find interest in any of the products mentioned in this post, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service department (Customer.Service@daycon.com or call us @ 301.218.1000) to get started on a purchase!


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