Let us introduce you to your new team members: Tennant T7 and Tennant CS5!

Businesses across industries have been handed increased and more effective cleaning requirements as we continue to adapt to the new normal. This could leave facility managers with the challenge of finding new ways to meet these demands without adding more employees, whether due to budget cuts or to lack of applicants. One solution to meeting the challenge is the introduction of autonomous cleaning equipment to your team. Autonomous cleaning equipment handles the repetitive, time-consuming tasks which leaves your skilled staff with more time to take on areas that require more detailed attention.

With that said, meet your newest team members – Tennant T7 and Tennant CS5!

Tennant T7

The Tennant T7 is a Ride-On Floor Scrubber that is perfect for cleaning both large and tight spaces. It features a floor scrubber that is designed for greater efficiency and less environmental impact.

The Tennant T7 will…

This machine will reduce the cost to clean by reducing detergent usage and using up to 70% less water. The Tennant T7 also enables energy-saving daytime cleaning with an operating noise level as low as 67-69 dBA. With automatic braking and parking brake actuation, the risk of accidents are reduced. The T7 features optimal water recovery (even in tight turns!) which minimizes the risk of slip-and-fall injuries.  Minimizing environmental impact is also possible with the Tennant T7, it even allows you to scrub noise-sensitive environments quietly.

Tennant CS5

The Tennant CS5 is a new Micro-Scrubber that allows you to drop the mop and bucket style of cleaning and get a better level of clean.

The Tennant CS5…

  • Clean and dry in forward or reverse motions with the CS5’s two-squeegee design.
  • Operate under and around obstacles to clean hard-to-reach areas thanks to the CS5’s movable handle and compact size.
  • Features separate solution and recovery tanks that deliver fresh water for scrubbing.
  • Get up to 50 minutes of run time with the CS5’s lightweight, lithium ion battery

The Tennant CS5 offers better control over dirt and germs by avoiding dirty mop water with separate 1.3 gallon/5 liter solution and recovery tanks. This machine reduces the risk of slipping and falling by effectively recovering water after cleaning, leaving behind a safer, drier floor. The CS5 also allows you to clean grout lines between tiles with the scrubbing action of a mechanized scrubber.

Autonomous cleaning equipment, like the Tennant T7 and CS5 mentioned here, are great for increasing cleaning consistency and frequencies, reallocating cleaning resources, overcoming staffing challenges, and more. If you need assistance deciding which equipment is the best for your team, a Daycon representative would love to help! We can even provide demos for local locations!

To learn more and, possibly, schedule a demo, email our Customer Service team @  Customer.Service@daycon.com or call us @ 301.218.1000






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