Keeping Your Cleaning Team Happy

Happy Staff Makes for a Happy Client

Successful cleaning is nothing without a great team and once you, as a manager, establish a great team, you want to do everything you can to keep them happy. Because, in short,


How can you do that? Employee retention and/or overall hiring is a problem that many industries are facing but there are a few ways to do your part to make your team eager to stay.

Communication / Genuine “Open Door” Policies

Regardless of the industry, employees are often happier when they don’t feel as if they are being kept in the dark regarding the company they work for. This could mean routine updates on policy, leadership, practices, etc. Along with keeping your employees in the loop, it’s important to embrace an open communication policy. Your team should feel comfortable to share their views regarding the company without a worry that there will be conflict after. If you find that your employees are reluctant to be completely honest, feel free to offer anonymous sharing policies (while also doing the internal reflection to figure out why they feel nervous to share).

Training / Encourage Growth

Creating an environment that fosters growth in the team is an easy, and beneficial, way to boost morale in the workplace. Everyone wants to feel like they’re on a path towards something greater. This could be a path towards a leadership or team lead role or, simply, strengthening their skill set. A good way to find out what your employees hope to take away from their role is through regular check-ins to gauge how they’re feeling in their current role, what their goals are, and if they have any suggestions on how you, as their manager, can help them reach that goal.

Outside of personal growth for members of your team, general trainings should be something held routinely. Training can range from hands-on technique practices, refresher courses on products and chemical combinations, classroom-style training, and more.

Note: If you have a Daycon Sales Representative and are interested in trainings, please be sure to let them know. There are a number of trainings available to better the skillset of your team.

Celebration and Appreciation

Everyone knows that a successful cleaning company is nothing without its team and it’s important to reflect that to your team. A verbalized “thank you” or “great work today” is an easy way to show your appreciation but, unfortunately, still happens to be avoided. Verbal appreciation can go a long way so, if you find yourself as the manager who doesn’t express their gratitude to their employees, give it a try and see how it makes both you and your team feel.

If your company has the means, additional compensation or rewards is another great way to express gratitude. Annual/holiday bonuses show your team your appreciation for them and the amount can be dependent on what your company can afford to give. Random rewards like gift cards are another pleasant surprise for your employees to receive, this could be offered as a reward to a contest, game, or however you see fit for your company structure.

Work/Life Balance

The schedule of a cleaning company often needs to be more flexible than that of a “9 to 5” schedule. With that said, preparing flexible schedules and offering a rotation of nights and weekends when needed is a way to create a sense of understanding between you and your team that you recognize and encourage them to have a life outside of their work. Keeping a line of communication, and even a process for covering, open for when the unexpected happens is also useful. Of course, it’s important that this isn’t taken advantage of but having a process available for when an employee needs to “call out” is beneficial for everyone involved.

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