That Desk You’re Sitting at…It’s Time to Clean it

Are you sitting at your desk right now as you read this? Did you know that your work area, and the surfaces around it, hold some of the worst bacteria hotspots that you will come in contact with each day?

Whether you have been back in the office for some time or are anticipating a return soon, routinely cleaning your desk is a habit worth introducing in your day to day. A routine cleaning of your work area will reduce the accumulation of dust, germs and bacteria creating a safer environment for you.

Here are some tips for cleaning and creating a safe work space environment.


If this is your first time cleaning your desk, it’s recommended to do a complete purge of everything on your desk. No need to trash it (unless it’s actually trash), you’ll put it back in an organized way once finished. You just want to start with a clear desk.

Once you get in the habit of daily cleans, this won’t be necessary but occasional declutter sessions are always good.


Using an anti-bacterial spray and microfiber cloth or disinfecting wipes, wipe every surface of your work area thoroughly. This should include your frequently used items such as your stapler, tape dispenser, scissors, favorite pens (we all have at least one or two), etc. For best results, follow the directions closely on the package of your chosen cleaning product as this will ensure the product is most effective and achieves all of its claims.

Before putting anything back on your desk, make sure the cleaning solution has fully dried.

Keyboard and Mouse and Desk Phone, OH MY!

This may or may not be a surprise but while your entire work area does hold germs and bacteria, the accessories on your desk are resting areas for a great amount of that bacteria. Your keyboard, mouse, and desk phone can also be cleaned with the disinfecting wipes used previously. To go the extra mile, unplug the device and wipe down all surfaces, including the ear and mouthpieces, cords and buttons using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. A keyboard deep clean can be done with the same technique after blasting from top to bottom with a can of compressed air.

While it’s not on your desk, your desk chair needs attention too. If it’s a hard chair, a wipe down with a disinfecting wipe will do. If your chair has a cloth/fabric top, spray with disinfectant spray and leave to dry.


This is a short, simple, and necessary routine to add to your mornings to provide you with the cleanest work environment possible. Ideally a good time to do this routine should be done before you even sit down to begin working. You can clean your workspace, spray your chair, leave to wash your hands and, by the time you return, the day can begin!


We can’t leave you without a few product recommendations (after all, we do want to make getting into this routine as easy as possible).

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Daycon also offers a number of comparable products, which can be found on our website.

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