Can the Holidays Bring New Cleaning Business?

With the winter Holidays comes time with family, food, celebration, and we’re even thinking possible business opportunities. But where might these opportunities be?


Around this time of the year, retail locations begin to expand their hours to accommodate for the rush of the Holiday shoppers. Retailers always want to present their best to customers but, during the Holiday season, the goal to shine has only increased. This is where your commercial cleaning company can come in!

More hours = more foot traffic. With such an increase in customers, shifts becoming busier and retail employees may find themselves unable to tackle every task they originally completed with ease, including extensive cleaning of the store. This makes the perfect opportunity for a commercial cleaning company to present their services to those in charge.

When preparing your proposal, key areas to highlight within your ability to handle include windows, floors, and restrooms. Windows hold the large marketing banners that often entice people to enter the store, a window covered in smudges could absolutely have an effect on this. And the floors and restroom are a no brainer for why the retailer wants to keep them looking great. These areas are all noticeable to the customer and, therefore, areas that retailers want to keep pristine.


The Holiday season also means winter break for schools. While schools have their own janitorial teams, it could be worth proposing a deep cleaning with your commercial cleaning company. With less foot traffic throughout the building, your team can thoroughly clean all areas with no concern of time or when students will be back wandering the halls.

When presenting your proposal, if your team follows Green Seal cleaning standards, mention it! Many buildings are or are entertaining becoming Green Seal Certified and having a cleaning crew who’s following the same practices will be ideal for them. A few products, available at Daycon that are Green Seal Certified include:

Daycon® Perfecto General Purpose Neutral Cleaners (Daycon No. 825825)

Daycon® Crystal Brite Floor Finish (Daycon No. 628909)

Daycon® Clear Choice Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner (Daycon No. 264857)

While this may start as a seasonal opportunity, if done above their standards, could easily become a long-term contract for your cleaning company. As always, if you see any products here that you’re interested in purchasing, please email Customer Service @  Customer.Service@daycon.com or call us @ 301.218.1000

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