Snow on the Forecast: Are You Ready?

This month, our area got its first snow of the winter season and it wasn’t at all the dusting many may have been expecting (or hoping for). When it comes to snow, the slogan “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” holds a bit of truth. But we, at Daycon, have got you covered for the remaining few months of winter. Below, are products that we recommend having on hand at your location so the next snow doesn’t catch you slipping…on ice because you didn’t use any of these products.

Ice Melts

Daycon® Ice Crystals Plus Premium Snow & Ice Melter

(Daycon No. ICP50 and GM50)

The Daycon Ice Crystals Plus Premium Snow & Ice Melter is a high quality, proprietary blend of calcium chloride and other salts. It will attack snow and ice down to -5°. It is fast-acting, efficient and tinted pink for easy spreading and less waste. When used as directed, this product is not harmful to grass and vegetation, however overuse or direct application to grass and vegetation may cause undesired effects.

Daycon® Declor Ice Melter Floor Cleaner

(Daycon No. 495262)

This product is, technically, not an ice melt but it’s perfect for cleaning the mess made on floors by ice melt (and floor care is important to us too!). Daycon Declor Ice Melter Floor Cleaner is for removal of all ice melt products, including calcium chloride, from hard surface floors. Works better than any floor detergent.


Two-Stage Snow Thrower

(Daycon No. 845455)

When it comes to clearing snow, the Two-Stage Snow Thrower offers you added power and a 28″ clearing width to tackle the biggest jobs, even heavy, wet snow. Aggressive tires offer greater traction in all conditions, while the two-stage snow thrower’s in-dash headlight and reflective stripes allow you to clear snow more safely in low-visibility conditions.

Aluminum D-Grip Snow Pusher

(Daycon No. 57192)

For areas that can’t fit a snow thrower, shovels like the Aluminim D-Grip Snow Pusher are great. This shovel features a 48″ wooden handle; 24″ aluminum blade; wear strip.

Aluminum D-Grip Snow Shovel

(Daycon No. 34830)

The Aluminum D-Grip Snow Shovel is another option, this shovel features a 18” blade.

Winter Accessories

Radnor® Split Leather Palm Gloves

(Daycon No. 810K)

The Radnor Split Leather Palm Gloves offer protection and warmth to hands while outside performing labor.

If you see any products here that you’re interested in purchasing, please email Customer Service @ Customer.Service@daycon.com or call us @ 301.218.1000

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