Daycon® Great Stuff! Bio-Enzyme Odor & Stain Eliminator

GREAT STUFF! is a biological odor controller and stain eliminator designed for use on both hard and fabric surfaces. It effectively removes organic stains such as grass, chocolate, red wine and steak sauce. It is especially effective in neutralizing odors caused by smoke. Use in bathrooms, nurseries, schools, daycare centers, fitness facilities, laundry rooms, loading docks, hotel and motel rooms, and anywhere mal-odors are a problem. GREAT STUFF! is biodegradable, contains no VOCs or solvents, and breaks organic residues down to carbon dioxide and water.

  • Size: 1 qt.
  • Type: RTU Liquid
  • Count: 6
  • UOM: CS

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SKU: ND32051

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Daycon® Great Stuff! Bio-Enzyme Odor & Stain Eliminator
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