Daycon® Renegade 1:24 Floor Finish Remover

RENEGADE is a super concentrated floor finish stripper. It can be diluted 1 part product to 24 parts water and will quickly remove high finish buildup. It is not only fast acting, but it contains very little alkali so it does not need to be neutralized. It also has very little odor as its use dilution, making it possible to work with at any time. One quart of RENEGADE will make 6 gallons of stripping solution, the amount held in a typical mop bucket with wringer. It is ideal for use in industrial and institutional settings, such as schools, grocery stores, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, office buildings, etc.

  • Size: 1 qt.
  • Type: Liquid Concentrate
  • Count: 6
  • UOM: CS

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SKU: ND32040

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Daycon® Renegade 1:24 Floor Finish Remover
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