DX-50 Biological Surface Cleaner is a concentrated formula containing selected strains of natural enzyme producing bacteria that work to eliminate stains caused by urine, feces, vomit, and other organic matter. DX-50 is recommended for use in hospitals, hotels, restaurants. schools, kennels, prisons, industries, or anywhere organic soils originate. Use on hard surfaces, carpet and upholstery, concrete and stone, and urinal drains and traps, as long as the surface remains damp for a sufficient amount of time to allow the enzyme producing bacteria to work.

  • EcoLogo® Certified (UL-2792)
  • Scent: Cherry Almond Scent
  • Type: Liquid Concentrate
  • Sizes: 1 qt / 1 gal
  • Cases: 1 qt = 6 bottles / 1 gal = 4 bottles

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SKU: ND32830 (1 quart) , 406035 (1 gallon)


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