Don’t Let Up Yet! Continued Pandemic Precautions…

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As we approach year three of the Pandemic, it’s easy to want to relax on safety precautions due to burnout and the desire to return to normal. But reality is showing us that “returning to normal” will look more like an adapted version of our current day than it will of anything pre-2020. With that said, here are some products we recommend having in your facility to continue fostering a safe environment.


For the General Areas of your building, the following are great to keep on hand for those entering or walking throughout to access to promote safety.


KN95 Mask

Daycon No. 951416

These are great for hospital workers, healthcare personnel, and other essential workers.

N95 Particulate Respirator

Daycon No. 2200

These are made to withstand tough use and prolong life. Adjustable contoured nose-piece and soft, open-cell foam nose cushion help ensure proper fit and reduced fogging.

3 Ply Procedural Mask

Daycon No. 478546

A common mask for offering to building visitors who come without. These masks are equipped with triple-layer protective material and excellent breathability for everyday use.


Purell Advanced Foam Hand Sanitizer & Dispenser

Daycon No. 201587 and 104287

This Purell Sanitizer and Dispenser combo offers no-touch sanitizing for your building occupants.

Purell Hand Sanitizer and Purell Quickstand

Daycon No. 216369 and 206512

This Purell Hand Sanitizing Quickstand and Sanitizer create a quick stop for sanitizing that can be set up in minutes.


Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Daycon No. 965231

You can use the touch less thermometer safely for multiple people, for accurate temperature reading. It is suitable for all ages, including infants, children, adults, and the elderly.


The products mentioned above can work in every area of your building but here are a few that will fit perfectly in your restroom to continue safety precautions.

Touch Free Towel Dispensers

In a post shared last year, we touched on the bacteria spread around by hand dryers (you can read that here) and included recommendations for touch-free towel dispensers.

Tork Matic® Hand Towel Roll Dispenser

Daycon No. 309608

This dispenser offers one-at-a-time dispensing for reduced consumption and increased hygiene.

Tork Elevation® PeakServe™ Hand Towel

Daycon No. 411220

This dispenser prevents unexpected run outs with compression leading to 250% more hand towels. Towels can be served in 3 seconds for a better washroom flow with no hold up for guests.


While all of the suggestions are probably a clear as to “why” they’re needed, this one would be classified as a “no brainer.”

Daycon® Essentials Clear Hand Soap

Daycon No. 549649

This hand soap is Green Seal® Certified (GS-41). It contains no fragrance or dye and forms a dense lather, yet rinses freely and completely. The Daycon® Essentials Clear Hand Soap is designed for use in all types of bulk liquid hand soap dispensers.

If you see any products here that you’re interested in purchasing, please email Customer Service @ Customer.Service@daycon.com or call us @ 301.273.1995

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